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(After Any and All Medical Treatment and Indemnity Benefits Received) 

  • $337,922 – Widow’s benefits & burial expenses for spouse of employee who died due to injuries
  • $215,000 – Client was bending over to pick up serving pan and felt pain in low back & right knee
  • $400,000 – Client fell through a stage elevator shaft onto the elevator, sustaining multiple injuries
  • $125,000 – Client injured left shoulder while lifting a large garbage bin up to a dumpster shoot 
  • $100,000 – Client injured her back & neck on a slippery floor while moving cases of frozen foods
  • $235,000 – Client slipped on a food container lid, fell forward and injured left hand & right knee
  • $155,000 – Client was running down a ramp with a hand truck injuring left leg, groin & low back
  • $200,000 – Client felt a pop in his back while unloading broken glass from his van
  • $161,101 – Client jumped from a truck onto uneven ground and twisted his knee
  • $140,522 – Client was reaching and lifting boxes overhead and tore right shoulder rotator cuff
  • $150,000 – Client was in work vehicle and struck from behind, injuring neck, low back & shoulder
  • $100,000 – Client was a paramedic who twisted her right knee when a fireman rushed into her
  • $437,599 – Client was emptying a bedside toilet and she felt a burning pain in her back & left leg.
  • $160,000 – Client injured low back moving 290 lb. paraplegic patient; pain radiating into left leg
  • $210,000 – Client’s sleeve grabbed by rotating equipment jerking him into it, injuring neck & arm
  • $135,000 – Client injured his shoulder, neck & spine while moving heavy boxes
  • $130,000 – Client injured his lower back while carrying an extremely heavy piece of machinery
  • $117,500 – Client fell off of a ladder injuring her right hand, right arm, hip and lower back
  • $112,500 – Client slipped on flat boxes, twisted her knee and heard a pop when she did
  • $120,000 – Client was an EMT who dislocated her knee when her leg got caught under a stretcher
  • $  95,000 – Client was shooting a movie scene when hit from behind, landing on his left knee
  • $140,000 – Client was moving equipment when he injured his right shoulder, lower & upper back

Dedicated To Your Work Injury Claim

At The Law Firm of Shawn Murray we are exclusively dedicated to helping people who have suffered serious work accidents. Mr. Murray is a work injury lawyer who has been representing Louisiana’s injured workers in Mandeville, LA and around New Orleans, Hammond, Covington, Slidell, Houma, Metairie, Ponchatoula and Madisonville since 1999. He takes pride in the fact that he has never received less than a five star review from any of his clients. You can read all of them here.

Convenient Location

The Law Firm of Shawn Murray is centrally located a block from the Causeway Bridge at 450 N. Causeway Boulevard in Mandeville, Louisiana.  He also meets with clients at The Galleria in Metairie. He will travel to  you if you are seriously injured and unable to drive. 

Call (985) 624-9393 now to discuss your claim for benefits!

Effective, Experienced, Personal

Shawn Murray is an experienced Workers’ Compensation Attorney in Mandeville, Louisiana. He provides effective, personal representation and counseling. He will fight hard for the medical treatment you need and the money you deserve. Know your rights! Shawn Murray will gladly answer your questions regarding your work injury claim. Consultations are always free, his fee is only 20%, and Mr. Murray will advance any necessary expenses. If he doesn’t recover money for you then no reimbursement is owed.

Call Shawn Murray at (985) 624-9393 now!

The Workers’ Comp Minefield

Sustaining a work accident can be devastating to the injured worker and to their family. DON’T try to handle the claim on your own! One misstep can jeopardize your claim for Workers’ Compensation benefits, and possibly even subject you to an allegation of fraud by your employer and the insurance company. An experienced Louisiana Workers’ Compensation attorney near you like Shawn Murray can guide you through the Workers’ Comp benefits system. Mr. Murray will do everything possible to keep your medical treatment and lost wage benefits on track, handle any disputes as they arise in order to keep you out of court if possible, and maximize your recovery if and when settlement is appropriate.

Be wary of personal injury attorneys who also handle work injury claims – oftentimes they know just enough about Workers’ Compensation to get themselves, and their injured worker clients, into trouble. Personal Injury and Workers’ Compensation have different laws with different rules. In some cases, they are completely opposite. Hiring an experienced workers’ comp lawyer is in your best interest.

Call (985) 624-9393 to discuss your work injury claim or fill out the form below.